ESIC login , ESIC Employer Login A Step By Setp Guide To The ESIC Portal

Employees' State Insurance Corporation, or ESIC, is in charge of overseeing the Employee State Insurance Scheme. A complete guide to the ESCI Login , ESIC employee login, advantages and benefits, and the ESIC employee portal and registration process is published here.

The Indian government provides a variety of state welfare programmes, including insurance as well as other benefits, to employees working in India. Most of them are contribution plans, which means that both employers and employees contribute. To protect employees against health-related unexpected events, the Employees' State Insurance Act of 1948 (ESI Act) was established. The Employees' State Insurance Corporation, or ESIC, is an independent organisation that was created by the ESI Act under the Ministry of Labour and Employment of the Government of India with the purpose of offering financial independence to members and their families who are covered by the plan.

Login For ESIC Employers: Online Registration Procedure.

At the time of ESIC registration and login, an employer must submit a number of documents, which include:

On the official ESIC portal, employers can register. In comparison to the manual registration method, the online ESIC registration and login facility is more convenient.

These steps for the ESIC ‘Employer’ login and register

Step 1:Open the official ESIC portal and go to the main page where it says "Employer Login."

Your browser will open the new IMP login page. Specify your login information. Please enter the captcha code. Select Login.

Employee State Insurance Scheme (ESIC) ‘mEUD’ Login.

  • On the ESIC website, users can use the mEUD option for log in.
  • You will need to enter your login information, including your username, password, and captcha code, in order to access the site.
  • Click "Login" to continue and sign in.


Staff/Practitioner Medical Eligibility For ESIC Login.

  • Visit the ESIC login page's official website . On the home page, select the ESIC staff/practitioner option.
  • To check the ESIC Employee/Pensioner Medical Eligibility, click "Search".

Registration For ESIC: Required Documentation.

1 . At the time of ESIC registration and login, an employer must submit a number of documents, which include:

2 . Copies of the establishment's and its employees' PAN cards

3 . Copied bank statement

4 . Certificate of issued under the Shops and Establishments Act/Factories Act registration document or licence

5 . Proof of address

6 . Rental agreement for the occupied space that shows its capacity

7 . A recent Copy building tax or property tax receipt .

8 . A company's registration certificate

9 . Depending on the form of corporation, the trust deed, partnership deed, or memorandum and articles of association of the company

10. Commencement of production Certificate

11. CST, ST, or GST registration number

12. List All the shareholders and directors of the company

13. Registering employee attendance information

For ESI filings.

A Sheet of monthly pay slip is required to determine each employee's contribution amount

ESIC Login Eligibility For Scheme.

The ESI programme is applicable to every non-seasonal factory or establishment, as defined in the ESI Act, with a workforce of ten or more employees, in accordance with Section 2(12) of the ESI Act. If there are at least 20 employees, the programme might be applicable in specific areas, including Maharashtra. The following eligibility requirements must also be met in order to receive the benefits offered by the ESIC programme:

  • The maximum wage for the workers/benefit recipients should be Rs 21,000 per month.
  • The monthly salary limit for employees with disabilities

The entities covered by this plan include Restaurants, hotels, retail stores, magazines, movie theatres, including preview theatres, and road motor transport

Scheme Contribution Rates For ESIC Login.

The contribution rates for the ESI scheme, applicable with effect from July 1, 2019, are mentioned below. ESIC revises the contribution rate periodically

Employer contribution Employee contribution Total
3.25% 0.75% 4%

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How To View Dashboard In ESCI Portal.

• Members of ESIC can use the ESIC portal. Click the ESIC Dashboard link in the Dashboard section on the home page.

How To Check Directory On ESCI Portal.

Visit the ESIC webpage. Click the director link in the "About Us" section of the homepage. Then select the"Directory" option under information.

You can discover comprehensive information about the main offices of ESIC Divisions, Field Offices / Units, etc.

How To Lodge Grievance In ESCI Portal Login.

On the ESIC portal, users can submit their grievances online.

Step 1:Select" Lodge a grievance" from the Public Grievance section on the homepage.

Step 2:Under Grievance, Select Lodge Public Grievance .

Step 3:Using their username and password in the User Login section, registered users can log into the CPGRAMS platform. New ESIC users can register by clicking on the appropriate link.

Step 4:Go to “Other” then select Grievance Under Ministry/Department Dropdown, choose ESIC. Then, under Subordinate Department/Office, select the Regional Office.

Step 5:Enter the complaint's description

How To View and Check Status Of Your Grivance.

Step 1:On the home page, select "lodge a grievance" from the Public Grievance area.

Step 2:Next, select "View Status".

Step 3:Enter the registration number, email address or mobile number, and security code in the appropriate sections on the following page. In order to continue and view the status, click"Submit".

Employee State Insurance Scheme Benefits and Features On ESCI Portal.

Benefits provided by the self-financing Employee State Insurance programme are divided into two groups:

1. Cash benefits for illness, maternity, temporary and permanent disability, funeral costs, and job training

2. Benefits received in kind from medical care which are non-cash benefits

The benefits and major features of the ESI plan are listed below:

Benefits of Medical.

An insured person's and his or her family members' medical costs are covered starting on the first day of employment.

Benefits of Sickness.

For a maximum of 91 days per year, the beneficiary may receive 70% of salary in cash during the period of certified illness. The employee must make contributions for 78 days during a six-month period in order to be eligible for this benefit.

Benefits of Maternity.

According to the plan, an employee who is an ESIC member can get their full pay during maternity leave for 26 weeks, which can be extended by another month on a doctor's recommendation, provided that they had contributed for 70 days over the previous two contribution periods.

Benefits of Disability.

A worker who is temporarily disabled is eligible to 90% of their salary while they are still unable to work. Based on the degree of loss of earning capability as determined by the medical board, one is qualified to receive 90% of their monthly wage in the event of a permanent disability.

Allowance For Unemployment’s.

According to the plan, employees who lose their jobs as a result of a factory or facility closing, layoffs, or a permanent disability are eligible for a 50% pay allowance for a maximum of two years.

Benefits To Dependents.

In the case of injury due to accidents or workplace hazards, the dependents of the insured individual under the plan receive financial assistance in the form of a monthly payment equal to 90% of wage.

Other Advantages.

Funeral Costs:

The plan would pay up to Rs 15,000 in funeral costs to the insured's dependents or the person conducting the final rites.

Costs Associated With Confinement:

The plan pays expenses in the event of confinement in a location without access to basic medical services covered by the plan.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR):

For those who are covered by insurance and have a permanent disability, this benefit is provided.

Physical Rehabilitation:

The programme provides this benefit to people who are physically disabled as a result of a work injuries.

Older Health Care:

An insured person may get this benefit at retirement, through the VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme) or Employees' Retirement System (ERS), or if a permanent disability forces them to quit their jobs

Features Of The ESI Plan.

For those workers whose daily average pay is Rs 137, the employer pays a contribution from his share.

Within 15 days of the final day of the month in which the contribution is due, employers must make their contribution, deduct employees' contributions from earnings, and deposit the combined amounts with ESIC.

You can make payments online or at specific, authorised public sector banks.


Additionally, employers are required to submit ESI every six months. An establishment must adhere to the following regulations after completing the ESIC registration process

Maintain a detailed wage register and an attendance register for all workers.

Follow the inspection book.

Keep a register that details any incidents that happened on the site.

Challan and monthly return payments are due by the 15th of the following month.

Fill out Form 6 and sign up to file ESI returns.

Mobile App ESIC Portal.

Members of ESIC can now download the ESIC mobile application to access the most recent Benefit and Contribution information. Users can download the "UMANG mobile app" from the Google Play Store or the App Store using their Smartphones.

For Feedback and Contact Details.

The "Write to us" part of the ESIC website is where users can provide feedback and make suggestions.

Contact Details.
The following address is where you can reach the Employees' State Insurance Corporation:
Comrade Inderjeet Gupta (CIG) Marg, Panchdeep Bhawan, New Delhi, 110002.
In you want information on phone then call toll-free numbers 1800-11-2526 and 1800-11-3839 for assistance and Online Application-related issues and for medical-related questions and guidance.


How does ESI work ?

The ESI programme is a self-supporting programme. Employer and employee payments, which are made each month as a fixed proportion of salaries, are the main sources of funding. The expense of medical benefits is divided by the state government in the ratio of 1/8

How do I get a copy of my ESIC card?

Visit the "Employee" section of the ESIC employee site and select "E-Pehchan Card" to download the ESIC card.

How do I get my ESIC number?

The ESIC issues a smart card after receiving the employer's submission of the relevant employees' information. An individual can use the ESI Card, also known as the Pehchan Card, as identification to access ESI plan benefits at hospitals and pharmacies that have been granted accreditation. This card includes the specific ESI insurance number, sometimes known as the ESIC number.