UAN login: Easy Step-By-Step guide for accessing your EPF member portal

Every EPF Account holder hold a Unique 12-digits number Called UAN for Using his EPF account In this article, we describe the UAN login method and the uses for this number.You can access all of your EPF-related information and services via the EPF Member Portal using your UAN Login .

Steps for login UAN

Step 1:open the official EPFO website.
Step 2:enter your Unique 12 digit UAN number, password and captcha. Sign in to your UAN member account.
Step 3:Your UAN number, date of birth, Aadhaar number, bank account number(s), PAN number, email address, and other information can be found on the UAN login official website. Make sure to fill out these details on the UAN member portal.
Step 4: After successfully logging in to the UAN member offical site, you can see 4 option which are following information on your home screen:

1. 'View' option on the UAN member portal :

  • Profile
  • Services history

2.'Manage'option on the UAN member portal :

  • Basic details
  • KYC
  • E-nomination
  • Contact details

3.‘Account’ option on the UAN member portal :

  • Change Password
  • Account setting

4.‘Online Services’ option on the UAN member portal :

  • CLAIM (form-31,19,10C&10D)
  • One Member-One EPF Account (TRANSFER REQUEST)
  • Track Claim Status
  • Download Annexure K

NOTE: This is a complete guide to UAN login on the UAN member Portal for those who have their Universal account number

Visit the official UAN website to login.

You can access the UAN member login page by visiting the official website

How to Register for UAN

You can't log in with your UAN on the member portal until your UAN is activated. How to sign up for your UAN is as follows:

Step 1:On the EPFO homepage, select 'For Employees' from the 'Services' menu.

Step 2:On the 'Services' menu, select 'Member UAN/Online Services'.

Step 3:On the next page, under 'Important Links,' select 'Activate UAN.'

Step 4:On the next page, enter your UAN or member ID, Aadhaar number,date of birth, name, and mobile number, and captcha. Before clicking on 'Get authorization PIN,' also check the box to give consent to provide your Aadhaar Number.

Step 5:You will receive a text message with an OTP. Use this OTP and select 'Validate OTP and Activate UAN.' When you activate your UAN, EPFO will send you an SMS with instructions on how to access your PF account.

NOTE:Please keep in mind that you must activate your UAN number to access all of your EPF account details. Keep your UAN number and PF member ID handy.

UAN login

How can I check my UAN status?

Step 1:First, go to the UAN portal.

Step 2:Click on "Know your UAN" in the list of "Important Links" on the right..

Step 3:Enter your mobile number and the verification captcha. Simply click the "Request OTP" button after entering this information.

Step 4:A 6-digit OTP will be sent to your mobile phone through SMS. Enter this OTP and select "Validate OTP" from the menu.

Step 5:Click "OK" to continue when your OTP validation is completed.

Step 6:You will now be required to provide a captcha along with your name, date of birth, and Aadhaar number. Click the "Show UAN" button after entering the information.

Step 7:The screen will now display your UAN universal account

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Forgot UAN Login Password

Visit the UAN portal.

Step 1:On the home page, click the "Forgot Password" option.

Step 2:On the following page, you must enter your UAN and the captcha that displays on the website. Once these fields have been filled out, click "Submit".

Step 3:On the following page, you must provide your name, birth date, and gender. Click Verify after entering this information.

Step 4:At this point, you must verify your own identity. To accomplish that, enter your Aadhaar number and the Captcha. To enable more verification, click the undertaking.

Step 5:Your Aadhaar number is validated in the Procedure. Your mobile number must be entered to obtain OTP

Step 6:An OPT will be sent to your cell phone. Put this OTP in the necessary field together with the captcha. Next, select Verify.

Step 7:You will now be asked to set a new password. It is recommended that you create a password that is at least 8 characters long and contains at least one uppercase letter, one special character, and one number.

Step 7:Your UAN login password has been changed successfully.

Using UAN login, change your mobile number

Step 1: Sign in to your EPFO member portal.

Step 2:Click "Contact Details" under "Manage".

Step 3: Select "Change Cell phone No." and enter your new mobile number in the two fields that are left vacant.

Step 4:You can get the authorization pin by selecting "Get Authorization PIN".

Step 5:A new number will receive an OTP that must be typed in the box given.

Step 6:press "Submit"

How to link your Aadhaar with UAN

Step 1:Go to to link your Aadhaar number to UAN.

Step 2:Log in your UAN and password.

Step 3:On the Member Homepage, choose the "Manage" button and then choose the "KYC" option.

Step 4:To add a KYC document, choose the "Aadhaar" option.

Step 5:Enter your Aadhaar number into the appropriate section and select Save.

Step 6:After you save these changes, the status of your Aaadhar will change from "Not Approved" to "Pending".

Your employer and the EPFO must both accept these adjustments before your UAN and Aadhaar can be linked.

How can I use a UAN login to transfer money from one PF account to another?

To transfer money from one PF account to another you have to visit EPFO unified portal.

Step 1:After logging in, select the One Member-One EPF Account (Transfer Request) option under the Online Services menu.

Step 2:A new page with all of your personal information will open. The portal will also provide information about the account into which your PF funds will be deposited.

Step 3:Choose between your current and prior employers to serve as the DSC-authorized signatory.

Step 4:To verify, an OTP will be given to your mobile device. Put that OPT in the appropriate field, then hit the Submit button.

Step 5:To continue with the PF transfer request, complete Form 13 online right away.

Step 6:Print the completed form, sign it, and return it to your employer within ten days of completing the form online. Your PF funds will be sent to your new account after verification.

You can carry out the following actions on this website using your UAN Login:

  • Obtain the EPF Passbook.
  • List of former PF member IDs.
  • Obtain your UAN CARD.
  • KYC information.
  • The full EPFO e-nomination.
  • Find out if you qualify for an online transfer claim.
  • Edit personal information.
  • Money can be moved between PF accounts.

UAN: What is it?

The abbreviation UAN stands for Universal Account Number. Every person making contributions to their EPF account is given a 12-digit account number called the UAN.

On which EPFO website may one use UAN?

There are numerous official web pages for the EPFO. These consist of

These websites are all official and cater to various user groups. Only the mentioned link must be visited by employees who want to start a PF claim or obtain any PF-related information.

Visit the following website to log in with your UAN:

How can I get my UAN number on a phone?

Members who have created accounts on the Member Portal receive monthly notifications that contain their UAN, monthly contribution, and overall PF account balance. The following IDs are capable of sending this message:


The acronyms begin with the first two letters of the identities of your SIM carrier, followed by the term for Employees' Provident Fund Organization Home.

How can I obtain UAN information from a missed call?

By making a missed call to the following number, PF members who have registered on the UAN portal can access their information:011-22901406

Note: The call is immediately disconnected after two rings. In order to use this facility, you do not need to pay a fee.

Any Questions regarding the UAN login portal

If you have questions about the UAN Member Portal, you can reach out to the official number & email:

The number for UAN Helpdesk :18001-18005

Email address for UAN Helpdesk:


Can a person carry two UANs

A person may only possess one UAN. However, he or she is allowed to have many PF member IDs.

Who assigns UAN numbers?

Each UAN number (EPFO) is created and distributed by the Employees' Provident Fund Organization.. The Ministry of Labor and Employment has also verified them.

Are UANs required for online claims?

UAN is required for online claims, yes.

What differentiates a PF member ID from a UAN?

An employee of a corporation is granted a member ID or PF number. Alphanumeric characters make up this member ID. On the other hand, each employee is given a unique number called a UAN. While a member may have several member IDs, they may only have one UAN.

Are UAN and the employee's PAN connected?

Yes, the employee's PAN and UAN are connected.

Where can I locate my UAN number?

Visit to find out what your UAN number is. Select your state and EPFO office from the drop-down box under the option "Know your UAN Status." To continue, enter the captcha code, your PF number or member ID, name, date of birth, and phone number.

Are UAN and PF numbers the same?

No, an EPFO member is given a UAN instead of a limited number of PF IDs. The PF account number is a 22-digit unique number, whereas a UAN is a 12-digit unique number.

Do UAN and Aadhaar numbers match up?

No, your UAN serves as your primary ID for all EPFO-related tasks. On the other hand, your Aadhaar serves as your biometric ID.

Is a UAN login required for the procedure of withdrawing PF? How is PF money managed in the event of a job change?

Either a new pension fund account is set up, or the employee can ask his new company to use the old pension fund account. All of your PF information, including PF transfers and claims, is accessible online with your UAN login. Without it, you cannot accomplish this.